MESA International's Plant To Enterprise Conference In Orlando

The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International recently announced that the organization will be conducting its 2nd annual Plant to Enterprise Conference at the Walt Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida from October 9- 12, 2006.

This year's conference, again dedicated to Plant to Enterprise, is an opportunity to learn how world-class organizations are improving their businesses and becoming more competitive by leveraging technology and plant- to-enterprise initiatives. This year's tagline, Solving the Puzzle of Manufacturing Excellence, will highlight how companies have assembled the many pieces of a manufacturing landscape, PLM, SCADA, PLC's, ERP, MES, CRM, and the remaining alphabet soup, to complete the puzzle and become a world-class organization.

Presentations will include the results of a year-long MESA study on manufacturing performance metrics, sessions on leadership, case studies from leading corporations such as IBM, Wyeth, Cargill and Boeing and large representation from the industry analyst community.

The conference will run two tracks: one focusing on business processes associated with particular P2E initiatives, and a technology track that highlights how emerging technologies have assisted in improving business performance in P2E initiatives. As usual with MESA P2E conferences, there will also be an exhibition hall showcasing solutions helping companies become a world-class organization by leveraging technology and plant to enterprise initiatives.

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