Demofall`06 Conference Speakers To Outline Tech Industry Roadmap

Twice a year, the technology industry's insiders and influencers gather at the DEMO and DEMOfall conferences to witness the introduction of 70 market-changing technologies. DEMOfall`06, taking place September 25-27 in San Diego, California, will host analysts, investors, journalists, and executives all searching out the next wave of big ideas in consumer and enterprise computing. Perspective on the debut products will come from DEMOfall's line up of speakers, who will provide their points of view on the tech landscape.

DEMOfall's general sessions will begin with a keynote address by Chris Shipley, executive producer of the conference series, who will call out the most active industry trends, both in investment funding and product development. In addition to Shipley's keynote, Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM Incorporated, will deliver an address to the DEMOfall audience that encapsulates his thinking about technology, mobility, and the future of cell phones. DEMOfall attendees will benefit from in-depth perspectives in from John Patrick, president of Attitude Inc., will moderate panel discussions on mobile computing and nanotechnology in the coming decades.

The first FutureScan session, "The Future of Mobile, " will explore the technical challenges that stand in the way of a truly mobile future. Patrick will be joined by panelists Juergen Urbanski of FON North America and Joseph Ziskin of IBM Corporation to debate the future of mobile devices. The second FutureScan session, "The Future of Nanotechnology, " will debate the current state of sub-microscopic research and the industries that will be most effected by nanotechnologies. Panelists Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, of Quantum Insight, Dr. Gian-Luca Bona from IBM's Almaden Research Center and Dr. Gerald Hoegl from Metcomb Nanostructures will look at the practical, near-term applications of nanotechnology.

Additional perspective on the emerging technology landscape can be found via a series of podcasts produced by Guidewire Group featuring Chris Shipley and highlighting myriad aspects of the innovation ecosystem.

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