Swisscom and SANDSIV Look Forward to Continued Success After Celebrating Year One of Their Partnership

SANDSIV’s highly secure, hyper-modern, on-premises VoC solution has enhanced Swisscom’s position as a leader in Customer Experience

ZURICH, Switzerland (May, 31 2022) — Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, and SANDSIV, the global leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) enterprise solutions, are celebrating year one of a successful partnership that has continued to elevate Swisscom’s position as an innovator in the telecom sector.

Swisscom is renowned for its no-compromise approach to customer satisfaction and investing in networks of the future. To continue to achieve its customer-focused mission, Swisscom sought to replace its existing CXM Tool with a high-quality alternative to ensure that current and future needs could be met. The solution needed to capture, analyze, and act on the Voice of the Customer in digital and assisted touchpoints while maintaining the highest level of comprehensive security. Swisscom also required the solution to offer a delivery plan, timeline, and migration scenario that would not disrupt current services.

To date, SANDSIV has fully achieved the mission set out in its original partnership agreement with Swisscom through its sandsiv+ Voice of the Customer solution. The sandsiv+ team has successfully implemented and rolled out an on-premise solution in a highly secure environment with containers orchestrated by Kubernetes (K8s), while fully integrating with Swisscom’s existing IT ecosystem to support interconnectedness with the firm’s other enterprise systems.

“Swisscom is fully committed to delivering unrivaled customer experiences and listening to our customers’ voices is an integral part of that process, " said Stephan Mignot, Head of Customer & Channel Management of Swisscom. "With sandsiv+ solution, we have been able to modernize our applications, speed up innovation, and deploy new services faster, more securely, and reliably.”

SANDSIV has spent years refining and testing a development philosophy and on-prem architecture so that customers get a battle-tested, validated, and fully secure VOC solution. Kubernetes descriptors simplify sandsiv+ deployment and provide flexibility, scalability, and reliability, and facilitate future maintenance of the software solution. The solution now allows personalized high secure policies management such as data privacy, data security, backup and restore, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

“We are honored that Swisscom has placed its trust in us as it seeks to raise its already high standard of customer service, ” said Federico Cesconi, CEO of SANDSIV. “The need to quickly innovate at scale while still maintaining a strong IT security posture is paramount to SANDSIV. Our goal was to provide Swisscom with a solution that had the same security that comes from having a Cloud-Native Single Tenant solution delivered in the cloud of the customer's choice (e.g., AWS, Google, Azure), but in a private on-prem environment.”

“We look forward to a lasting partnership that will continue to cement Swisscom’s status as a leader while writing additional success stories with other large firms seeking to prioritize the voice of their customers to improve business outcomes, " he continues.

SANDSIV brings exceptional expertise in the telecommunications industry with both On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud solutions, gathered from the active work experience of some of our executives in this area and numerous customer projects including A1 Telekom Austria Group, Fastweb, MTN, Telecom Italia, Vodafone and others.

To learn more about SANDSIV and its award-winning, highly secure VoC solutions for medium to large businesses with complex security needs, visit

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