OpenLogic by Perforce Announces Sponsorship of Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation

States intention to support Rocky Linux 9, further increase sponsorship of open source projects

MINNEAPOLIS, MAY 24, 2022 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, today announced that OpenLogic by Perforce, a provider of technical support and services for open source software, is sponsoring the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF).

The foundation, which is best known for their open-source operating system, Rocky Linux, has quickly become popular within the open source Enterprise Linux community – filling a void left by Red Hat’s discontinuation of CentOS Linux in favor of CentOS Stream. OpenLogic had previously announced a commercial support offering for Rocky Linux back in June of 2021.

“Perforce is excited to announce their formal sponsorship of the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation, ” said Ido Benmoshe, Perforce Vice President of Product. “We look forward to both deepening our existing relationship, and to serving the growing number of organizations who need commercial support for Rocky Linux deployments.”

The sponsorship announcement comes on the heels of the recent general availability release of RHEL 9, from which Rocky Linux 9 will be derived in coming weeks. The forthcoming release will mark the first major release for Rocky Linux not based on an existing CentOS Linux version, and aims to showcase the long-term viability of Rocky Linux for enterprise deployment.

"What makes a stable open source project?" asks Gregory Kurtzer, Executive Director of the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation. "The answer isn't having a single company behind an open source project, but rather having many people, organizations, and companies behind that project. Every RESF sponsor helps to guarantee the longevity, stability, and confidence in Rocky Linux, and we are so excited to have Perforce join our amazing sponsorship lineup!"

The growing stability of the Rocky Linux Project is evident by the increasing number of teams adopting Rocky Linux, with a recent survey from OpenLogic that showed upward of 11% adoption among OSS users. This growth contrasts with CentOS adoption, which noted a decline to 19% in 2022.

“We are seeing a sharp uptick in organizations deploying Rocky Linux in both test and production environments, ” said Javier Perez, Chief Evangelist at Perforce Software. “OpenLogic, with its years of expertise supporting CentOS and other Enterprise Linux distributions, is in a great position to support teams adopting Rocky Linux – whether that’s Rocky Linux 9 or beyond.”

The sponsorship of RESF also indicates an ongoing commitment from OpenLogic by Perforce to support the open source software communities that underpin the digital economy, and is the first of several planned sponsorships this year.

More information on Rocky Linux, the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation, and the upcoming Rocky Linux 9 release can be found at

A new webinar, featuring Perforce Chief Evangelist Javier Perez and Rocky Linux Contributor Richard Alloway, discussing upcoming Enterprise Linux releases will debut on May 25. Interested parties can register to attend here:

Details on OpenLogic technical support for Rocky Linux can be found at:
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