Blink are Set to Recruit 25 people Across the Business in Manchester & London

London & Manchester (5th October 2021): Fintech success story, Blink ( has announced the next dates for its London and Manchester based recruitment drive. On the 7th of October they are hosting an open day in London (4.30pm Ė 7pm, Unit 2, 1 Tapper Walk, London, N1C 4AQ) and on the 14th of October the open day will be in Manchester (4.30pm -7pm, 85 High Street, High Street, Manchester, M4 1BD).

Blink are best known for their acclaimed payments portal enabling merchants to centralise all their payment processing needs within one intelligent portal.

These inventive open days will build upon the successful open days that previously took place in both Manchester and London in September. Blink met talented and energetic people, keen to kickstart their careers in the expanding fintech market.

Blink CEO Shaya Weisfeld stated that, ďwe are enjoying exceptional growth across our target markets, be that ecommerce, hospitality, property, retail and beyond. We have built a reputation for quality in all that we do. Itís a challenge to recruit the right people where itís an ideal match on both sides. We decided that a fun open day, would help to solve this challenge. We opened 25 new positions across 6 departments last month and made job offers to our open day attendees. We are looking to recruit for the remaining roles at these next open days in October.Ē

The Blink open days, consist of a trade show, where the prospective candidates interact with each team and department. Blink offer networking sessions and valuable training sessions on the day. Interview support is also available as well CV writing tips provided by Blink Sales Director, Karan Mehta. 1 on 1 interviews also take place. The open days are informal and complimented with plenty of food, drinks, and raffles - so prizes are won!

Liam Jones, Head of Human Resources, at Blink, noted, ďour open days give us the opportunity to tell people about our company in a format thatís enjoyable. Hiring employees isnít just about the interview process. Itís also about if they can work with you and want to. The attendees at our open days get to see what the teams, job roles and products are about, and it gives us a good feel of how people interact with us as a team. You often miss this with just an interview and a CV. Itís a unique way for candidates to meet the team and find out about job roles.Ē
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