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"Sense the power of light"

"Sense the power of light": In line with this motto, ams OSRAM will showcase its cutting-edge technologies at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main from March 3 to 8, 2024. At the trade fair, the focus will be on innovations from the fields of street lighting, building management, location within buildings, horticulture. The broad portfolio of innovative LEDs, spectral sensors and ambient light sensors is simply ideal for designing miniaturized and efficient solutions. Whether in working or home environments, customers thus benefit from a huge number of design options ensuring excellent performance and maximum precision at all times. Latest-generation LED outdoor lighting solutions enhance both safety and quality of life on public roads and squares, whereas people counting and facial recognition via infrared cameras are constantly gaining in importance in home and building automation.

State-of-the-art LED technology to optimize lighting quality and performance in cities

"The Power of Light" is particularly important in public spaces: high-quality lighting ensures that people feel safe, at ease and comfortable. With the AXIA 3 EVO, Schréder is presenting an innovative and powerful luminaire, using OSLON Square by ams OSRAM. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of residential streets and living spaces where well-being and safety are key criteria. The premium chip technology ensures excellent performance, long life and high reliability even under harsh operating conditions. Another major plus point: the compact light engine enables significant energy savings!

The innovative Levante 2.0 platform solution created by our customer Cariboni Group is based on a complete, outstandingly flexible system for lighting empty and full urban locations, such as pathways, spaces and architecture. At the core of this sophisticated luminaire is the latest OSCONIQ S5050 generation, boasting superior efficiency, long service life and high reliability, even in extremely harsh climatic conditions. Developers are free to combine any light distribution (street and asymmetrical) with any fixing system to create ingenious and flexible configurations for any field of application.

Perfectly staged: The latest generation of the OSLON Pure family opens up numerous individual options for retail customers

Impressive lighting experiences, accent lighting or signal effects: Retail lighting solutions can create positive emotions, encourage customers to make purchases, and showcase certain products in just the right light. The OSLON Pure product family boasts a large color spectrum and an excellent lumen density. This makes it ideal for use in retail lighting spots – especially in sales spaces where extremely compact LEDs with a very high light output are required to showcase goods in the perfect light. The effortless scalability of the LEDs gives our customers great flexibility in composing lighting solutions optimally tailored to suit individual needs. With its latest OSLON Pure 1414, ams OSRAM is now launching a next generation of OSLON Pure 1010 featuring strongly improved performance: simply perfect for professional use in indoor and retail lighting applications, but also ideal for special fields such as architectural and stage lighting, where a high luminous flux density is key.

Intelligent networking of living spaces: That's what our daily lives will be like in the future, thanks to smart digitalization

The digitalization of buildings is progressing continuously, providing for more comfort, safety and protection while at the same time reducing energy consumption. As a major trendsetter and a reliable partner, ams OSRAM will even present several highlights from its portfolio within the scope of various product demonstrations at Light + Building this year. The highly compact MIRA050 image sensor is designed for 2D and 3D applications in industrial image processing. It mainly stands out due to its small size, user-friendly configurability, and superior sensitivity.

ams OSRAM's new premium partner Calumino incorporates this innovative sensor family from the company in its Artificial Intelligence-supported thermal sensors that generate individual data records for various scenarios: from data privacy-compliant people counting in rooms to buildings with critical asset monitoring.

The Teknique partner company even uses solutions from ams OSRAM: the BELAGO laser dot projector which projects a grid of small infrared dots onto a user's face; the OSLON Black Infrared (IR) flood illuminator which emits infrared (IR) light onto the face, as well as various image sensor options from the MIRA family which capture an 3D infrared image of the user's face. This is then computed into a generic 3D map which can be further processed in higher level biometry algorithms.

Producing sustainably and locally grown food with Horticulture Grow Light for vertical farming: harvest-fresh fruit and vegetables, whatever the season of the year

In light of climatic change, a continually growing world population and increasing urbanization, vertical farming is becoming more and more relevant as a simple and sustainable solution for the growing of crop plants. Appropriate lighting and sensor solutions enable efficient monitoring of plant growth, optimize yields, minimize the use of fertilizers and reduce energy costs. To meet the food supply needs of today's world, ams OSRAM as technology leader is continuously driving efficiency and performance straight forward and preparing the launch of new innovative products for 2024. Experts of ams OSRAM are available at the L+B trade fair and will readily provide interested visitors with first-hand information on the future horticulture options.

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