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Two more of 18 Sagrada Familia towers are complete in Barcelona

Some 141 years since construction began on Antoni Gaudí's Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona, two more have been completed, — says Global Construction Review. The towers are named after the evangelists Matthew and John and are part of the six that crown the structure, The remainder are named after fellow gospel writers Mark and Luke, as well as Jesus and Mary. Work has now been completed on the four evangelist towers, which feature the figures of the tetramorph by sculptor Xavier Medina-Campeny.

Mark is represented by a lion and Luke by an ox. These structures were finished last year. Now they have been joined by Matthew in the form of a human and John in the form of an eagle. As part of the central group of towers, these will surround the tower of Jesus Christ. This is 135m high, making it the third tallest.

A mass will be held to inaugurate the two towers on the 12 November. When fully completed in 2026, the 172m-high basilica will be the tallest religious building in Europe.

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