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PERI 3D Construction Custom Prints Nationís Largest 3D Printed Home

3D printed construction continues to have a measurable impact on the industry because of its ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The latest example is in Spring Branch, Texas, now the home of the first multi-story 3D printed house in the United States. PERI 3D Construction worked collaboratively with HANNAH, an architectural-based design firm; and CIVE, a construction engineering company, on the groundbreaking project, which integrated the cement formation into wood framing. The design of the four-story, 30,000-square-foot, high-end home called for several geometry changes and architectural features.

The home's design elements include a 3D-printed kitchen island and fireplace, a 40-foot-tall chimney and double exterior walls for increased insulation to make the home water, wind, and fire-resistant.

PERI 3D Printed Solutions offer increased productivity in the construction industry, building homes with special precast elements, faster and at lower costs than traditional methods. With an automated manufacturing process, PERI 3D Printed Solutions primarily focuses on residential construction and the production of individual prefabricated parts.

"PERI brought a more unique, holistic approach to 3D printed solutions on this project", said Montemayor Cantu. "We sat down with the structural engineer, architects, and sub-contractors to develop very custom, specific solutions."

Construction on the house began from the ground up in May 2022. Printing began in July 2022, and was completed in May 2023.

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