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Lightweight Doka framed formwork for slabs

Doka has expanded its range with innovative accessories that make forming slabs with the popular DokaXlight system possible. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for contractors, garden and landscape architects, and anyone who wants to carry out high-quality concrete work efficiently and precisely. Since its market launch in 2019, the ultra-light framed formwork DokaXlight has established itself worldwide as an indispensable companion for a wide range of concreting work. With its low weight of only 22.6 kilograms per main element (0.75 m x 1.50 m), it is the ideal small-area formwork for new buildings and renovation projects.

One system, countless applications

With additional support heads and an ergonomic assembly tool, the use of the ultra-light framed formwork DokaXlight now also becomes a reality as slab formwork. "With this extension to the DokaXlight system, forming operations in the slab can now be carried out even more effectively and cost-efficiently. And all without the need for a crane and with just one person," emphasises Franz Koppensteiner, Product Manager at Doka. Whether garden walls, pools, foundations or slabs DokaXlight is now the ideal solution for almost any construction project.

Furthermore, the DokaXlight I-connectors and clips are valuable additions to the portfolio, greatly reducing search and setup times and facilitating quicker assembly. These new accessories will be available starting from August 2023.

Focus on longevity

As a pioneer in sustainability, Doka has set itself an ambitious goal: to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. To accomplish this, the company is committed to continuously extending the active use phase of its products. DokaXlight, with its lightweight construction, proves that low weight and frequent use can go hand in hand. According to Franz Koppensteiner, clever product design, appropriate surface treatment, and regular maintenance are key factors in ensuring a long service life. The durable Xlife sheet, the robust aluminium frame that protects the formwork sheet all round, and the tie-hole protection integrated into the cross-sections ensure that the DokaXlight has a long service life. The powder coating of the aluminium frame also helps to prolong its life. This makes the formwork particularly easy and gentle to clean. Handling is also crucial, as Franz Koppensteiner emphasizes. Proper training, operation, cleaning, and renovation of the formwork are vital for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Doka offers comprehensive support to its customers in these aspects. In conclusion, by focusing on these principles, Doka enables its customers to enjoy the benefits of their products for decades to come.

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