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Musco LED system featuring ams OSRAM LEDs

ams OSRAM and Musco Lighting have unveiled the performance details of ams OSRAM's OSCONIQ LEDs as part of a new field-of-play lighting system at the Armin-Wolf-Arena, a baseball stadium in Regensburg, Germany. The stadium's new floodlighting uses the Total Light Control —TLC for LED system from Musco Lighting, fitted with OSCONIQ P 3737 LEDs from ams OSRAM, which provide the 5700K light source for the TLC for LED luminaires. Selected as a host stadium for the 2023 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers, the Armin-Wolf-Arena was required to upgrade its field-of-play lighting to meet lighting standards set forth by Major League Baseball (MLB).

The floodlighting has transformed the stadium, increasing lux levels by 85 percent on the field of play while reducing power consumption by 13 percent compared to the previous lights, according to Musco Lighting. The lighting achieves extremely high consistency and uniformity across the field of play while producing low levels of glare, and very little spillover light outside the perimeter of the stadium.

The new system achieves MLB infield and outfield lighting requirements, and has enabled the Armin-Wolf-Arena to host matches at the highest level of world baseball, including this year's World Baseball Classic Qualifier.

The global leader in sports lighting, Musco's TLC for LED technology has been installed at some of the biggest and most iconic professional stadiums in the world. The decision by Musco to select the OSCONIQ P 3737 LEDs for use in its LED system came after an exhaustive evaluation of their performance in a demanding application mounted on top of a high mast.

Chris Limpach, General Manager of Musco Europe, said: "ams OSRAM has an exceptional reputation and brings the highest standards with their LEDs. We're proud to have played a part in helping Armin-Wolf-Arena prepare for the World Baseball Classic and hope the new lighting system enhances the experience for players and fans at more exciting events in the future."

Peter Naegelein, Director Product Management OS IL, at ams OSRAM, said: "Musco Lighting is associated with impressive lighting installations at famous stadiums the world over. It is a tremendous privilege for ams OSRAM's OSCONIQ LEDs to be chosen for the Musco scheme at the Armin Wolf stadium in Regensburg, which we consider to be a 'home turf' due to a large, key manufacturing location for ams OSRAM. The decision of Musco to choose the OSCONIQ P 3737 LEDs is a testament to the excellent design and reliability of the OSCONIQ LEDs and the outstanding quality of ams OSRAM's LED manufacturing operations."

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