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75 W edge-emitting laser in a cost-effective radial plastic package

ams OSRAM has added a higher-performance infrared laser targeting cost-conscious consumer and other applications with the introduction of a 75 W edge-emitting laser in a cost-effective radial plastic package. The SPL PL90AT03's high peak output power and narrow 110 m aperture result in superior performance in long-distance ranging applications and easier optical integration. The new SPL PL90AT03 edge-emitting laser diode's low-cost plastic package is ideal for use in high-volume applications. Featuring the same footprint as the previous generation of SPL PL90 series laser diodes, the SPL PL90AT03 provides an easy upgrade to higher efficiency, thanks to its state-of-the-art chip technology. SPL PL90AT03 also produces a narrower emission width and enables easier optical design because of the device's 50 percent smaller aperture versus its predecessor.

The single-channel SPL PL90AT03 features ams OSRAM multi-junction technology, consisting of three vertically stacked emitters in a single laser die mounted inside a radial plastic package. This technology enables the laser to produce optical peak output power in a 30 ns pulse of 75 W at the device's maximum forward current of 25 A. The laser diode can produce short laser pulses ranging from a few ns to 100 ns.

The high optical power output in a narrow emission area makes the SPL PL90AT03 ideal for ranging and distance-measurement applications that operate over long distance, such as robots, drones, as well as home and factory automation equipment. In time-of-flight sensing and LiDAR applications, the high performance of the SPL PL90AT03 enables the production of more precise and accurate depth maps for 3D optical sensing and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) systems.

Jouni Riihimaeki, Product Marketing Manager for industrial lasers at ams OSRAM, said: 'The growing ams OSRAM portfolio of high-performance edge-emitting IR lasers now includes a new option for customers that need a low-cost package. The SPL PL90AT03 features the narrow aperture and high output power of other edge-emitting lasers in the family, but with a radial plastic package that is ideal for high-volume applications.'

High optical performance

The pulsed laser SPL PL90AT03 features a peak wavelength of 905 nm and a spectral bandwidth (FWHM) of 5 nm. Beam divergence is just 12 (parallel) x 25 (perpendicular), enabling efficient beam shaping with its small 110 m aperture.

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