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Miniature Pinch Valve For 1/8" & 1/4" O.D. Tubing

Beswick miniature pinch valves are now available for 1/8" OD and " OD tubing. The PV series miniature pinch valve is designed to control fluid when it is advantageous to avoid fluid contact with mechanical components and elastomeric seals. Pinch valves achieve fluid control by clamping down on the outside diameter of the tubing in order to limit or stop flow. The PV has a port for pneumatic actuation as well as a manual knurled knob for extra flexibility. Beswick Engineering Pinch Valves are a great choice for medical applications as well as any application where fluid contamination could be a concern. The valve itself will fail with an actuation pressure of 5, 000 psig, however it is strongly recommended that you use an actuation pressure that doesn't exceed the burst pressure of the tubing you are using in your application. This will most often be much lower than the burst pressure of the valve itself.

Materials: 303 stainless steel. Approximate Weight: PV-18-10 59.2g in 303 stainless steel, PV-14-10 63.6g in 303 stainless steel. The PV-18-10 and PV-14-10 each use a 10-32 female threaded actuation port.

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