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Competent engineering at Frankfurt Airport

The former roof of the long-distance railway station at Frankfurt airport – a 660-metre long and 65-metre wide platform – forms the base area for a nine-storey extension with over 150,000 square metres of floor space. During construction, contractor Ed. ZÜBLIN AG is faced with complicated boundary conditions and meeting a set of tough requirements. PERI is supporting the contractor with a tailor-made formwork and scaffolding solution as well as comprehensive planning and logistic services.

The size of the so-called Airrail Center in connection with the short construction period necessitates a high degree of equipment and personnel requirements: 17 tower cranes and up to 800 site personnel work in two-shift operations with extremely large quantities of materials in order that the tight schedule can be maintained. Due to the fact that the site is located between motorways and federal highways, the very limited open space that is available makes construction progress even more difficult. In addition, site personnel must fulfill very high safety requirements as safe station operations and flow of traffic must be guaranteed throughout the entire construction period - with designated escape and emergency routes available around the clock. One particular challenge is the transfer of the additional loads into the existing structure and ground.

Complex construction project with a wide range of requirements With its extensive product line-up and the largest rental equipment pool worldwide, PERI can optimally fulfil the wide range of site conditions. Lead-managed by the Munich branch office, the formwork and scaffolding solution was drawn up, including reliable and flexible site deliveries - altogether around 800 truck loads of materials.

During the entire construction period, large quantities of different formwork and scaffolding systems will be use. On a total area close to 16,500 square meters – a surface as large as three football pitches – table modules are used. Around 21,500 square meters of the reliable TRIO panel formwork are proving their flexibility with construction of the stairway walls. Here, the 32 cores are not only differently designed in each case but also the layout changes from floor to floor. For constructing the columns, QUATTRO column formwork is being used which is moved in complete units thus saving on crane time. The lightweight and completely pre-assembled FB 180 platform system serves as working and formworking platforms in many areas. Special working platforms on basis of the MULTIFLEX system guarantee safety, where the systems parts can't be used. Complete units with pre-fabricated guardrails can be quickly shifted by crane. Prop and shoring requirements for the Airrail Center are likewise enormous with 23,500 slab props alone in use on the construction site.

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