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Efaflex's patented door area surveillance laserscanner EFA-SCAN

EFA-SCAN is the first laser scanner worldwide for doors. The scanner completely captures the whole area in front of the door and intelligently combines motion capturing and reliable door area protection in only one device.Within the dynamic capturing zone EFA-SCAN reacts like a pulse generator. When a moving object or a person is scanned the device reacts within a fraction of a second and the door opens.Geometry and logic of the capturing zone - with a maximum range of 10 x 10 meters - can be freely chosen. The zone can easily be programmed by the user via a simple remote control.

EFA-SCAN not only detects movements but also captures their range, direction and speed. The impulse for opening is only transmitted to the door if vehicles or persons move in the direction of the door. The impulse is not transmitted if a person for instance only passes by the door. In the static safety area directly in front of the door EFA-SCAN reacts like a security system: the scanner captures the complete width of the door and prevents the door from closing as soon as moving or static obstacles are scanned. The depth of the safety area can also be freely chosen. In this way, EFA-SCAN protects the door and prevents accidents.

Complex software algorithms prevent the scanner from being triggered by rain, snow or external sources of light: a prerequisite for an outdoor installation of EFA-SCAN. Because of its precise mode of action the laser scanner guarantees a safe, very quick and convenient opening of the door. With 16.000 scannings per second this laser scanner does not miss anything.

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