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Hitachi releases new demolition hammer

Hitachi Power Tools launched its new 40 lb demolition hammer, the H65SD2 that delivers 31 ft/lbs of impact energy. In addition to dominating power, it produces a low noise level and low full-load vibration level to minimize the harsh effects of use to the user. The Hitachi H65SD2 is engineered to demolish concrete and stone materials, it features a powerful 10.8 Amp motor. With an impact rate of 1,400 bpm it can accomplish a multitude of demolition work and will surely become the go-to tool for demo jobs. The H65SD2 produces a full-load vibration level of only 19.9 m/s2.

Vibration is dampened due to the unique absorbing construction of the main handle. There is nothing rigid connecting the handle with the housing. Only rubber pads strategically placed make contact with the casing in order to absorb and lessen the effects of vibration, making a real difference to the user who works with this tool all day. The handle is covered in elastomer, a Hitachi patented compound that reduces vibration transfer, while providing a secure grip for added safety. A cushioned auxiliary handle is located between the body of the tool and the bit cylinder to provide optimal control and grip on the tool. This handle can be rotated 360 to help improve positioning for any demo application.

This versatile 40 lb hammer accepts three types of 1-1/8" hex shank bits; standard hex, collarless retaining groove and air tool bits. Bits are easy to change out because of the user-friendly Universal Tool Retainer. By simply lifting up the saddle shaped retainer - the user can insert a piece of collared steel and lock the retainer back down. For collarless steel, the retainer bends backwards, steel is inserted as far as it will go, and the retainer continues backwards all the way to a locking position. Steel is secured and ready to go.

Other features on the H65SD2 include auto-stop brushes to prevent unnecessary maintenance issues, lock-on trigger for extended use and sealed lubrication to prevent grease from leaking out and dust from creeping in and damaging the internals. The new demo hammer reflects the new ergonomic design being implemented by Hitachi Power Tools that ensures optimal power to weight ratio and exceptional balance during use.

The Hitachi H65SD2 comes complete with a durable steel carrying case that can accommodate additional accessories, a 6mm Hex Bar Wrench and a 3mm Hex Bar Wrench. It is the ideal demo hammer for demolishing concrete, groove and channel digging in concrete, asphalt and gravel, tamping/compacting asphalt and gravel roads, cutting asphalt, construction work, piping and wiring work and water supply and drain work.

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