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Peter Hall Get Balzan Prize 2005 For History Of Cities

Peter Hall of University College, London, is one of six winners of the 2005 Balzan Prize, recognized for his contributions to the study of the social and cultural history of cities since the start of the 16th century.

Globalisation, ghettoisation, enforced mobility, overdevelopment – the issues that confront large cities today are also the concerns of Sir Peter Hall. His publication The World Cities (1966) transferred this term from everyday speech into the field of urban research. Further important titles from his list of almost 30 publications include Urban and Regional Planning (1975), Great Planning Disasters (1980) and Cities of Tomorrow (1988). 1998 saw publication of his historic study Cities in Civilization which ranges from ancient Athens via Florence and the Renaissance to Silicon Valley and highlights the creative contributions of different urban cultures.

The Balzan Prizes 2005 were presented on Friday, November 11, 2005 at the Swiss Houses of Parliament in Berne by the Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

The Balzan Foundation presented the 2005 Balzan Prizes also to Peter and Rosemary Grant ( GB/USA ) of Princeton University, New Jersey ( USA ) for population biology, to Russell J. Hemley and Ho-kwang Mao ( USA ) of the Carnegie Institution of Washington for mineral physics and to Lothar Ledderose ( Germany ) of the Universität Heidelberg for the history of the art of Asia. The winners in each subject area will receive one million Swiss francs ( about EUR 650, 000 ). Half of each award must be allocated by the winner for the funding of research projects carried out by young scholars or scientists.

The Balzan Foundation has been in operation since 1956 on an international level through its two headquarters: one in Italy that deals with the awarding of the Prizes, and one in Switzerland that administers the estate left by Eugenio Balzan. After working as a journalist and administering the daily newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera” in Milan for thirty years, Balzan moved to Switzerland in 1933, staying in Zurich and then Lugano, where he died in 1953.

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