TEOCO launches ASSET Indoor for efficient in-building planning – reducing time to plan by up to 50%

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 20 February 2018: TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and engineering solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide, today announced the launch of a new indoor wireless planning tool, ASSET Indoor. The product of a partnership with UK based Ranplan Wireless, ASSET Indoor is an all-in-one solution for coordinated HetNet planning, optimization and simulation which allows CSPs to design better mobile connectivity in and around buildings.

ABI Research predicts that by 2020, 80% of all traffic will originate or terminate indoors and in-building systems will become a must have for CSPs. Typically, without a dedicated in-building solution the macro network – in particular LTE – struggles to provide sufficient coverage and quality of service indoors.

ASSET Indoor helps CSPs deliver best-in-class in-building designs ensuring sufficient coverage and capacity for their customers with the help of the following unique capabilities:
• The Smart CAD (Computer Aided Design) extract tool - helps reduce design planning and optimization time by up to 50% by automatically recognizing and extracting features in a CAD drawing to create a 3D building environment in minutes as opposed to a manual approach which could take weeks.
• A true HetNet design tool - ASSET Indoor can simultaneously model both the indoor and outdoor environments and the complex propagation interaction (interference) between both to ensure seamless mobility and a minimization of interference.
• Accurate coverage – using 3D multi-path ray tracing algorithms delivers highly accurate coverage predictions which result in precise high performing designs and ensure systems are futureproofed for LTE-A, LWA, 5G and MIMO technologies.
• Capacity planning and simulation to UE level - meets real-world needs by considering user density, distribution and application or service types when planning network capacity requirements and running simulations, delivering practical fit-for-purpose designs.

“We are very excited to partner with Ranplan, leveraging their innovative indoor wireless expertise that offers significant benefits to the market while solving a number of historical issues, ” said Aloke Paskar, Executive Vice President. “As technology has developed, in-building connectivity has become a crucial part of day-to-day life, whether that is at home, in an office or even at a stadium. Users want better connectivity, good quality service and high data rates – and ASSET Indoor will allow our customers to plan for just that.”

“ASSET Indoor solves a number of in-building planning pain points including the length of the planning process, inability to analyze both interior and exterior network coverage, and accurately predicting network coverage and simulating capacity, ” said Alastair Williamson, CEO of Ranplan. “As we continue to commercialize our suite of tools and having won a significant number of customers globally, our partnership with TEOCO provides an excellent platform where we can expand our footprint globally. This is a significant step for the market.”

The complete ASSET Indoor offering consists of 3 tools, ASSET Indoor for detailed planning and design optimization, ASSET Indoor tablet for site surveys and simple designs and ASSET Indoor Manager for in-building system workflow and project management. To learn more about each of these tools visit this website.
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