TechValidate Simplifies Data Center IT Product Evaluation

TechValidate announces that its new web-based Product Experience Network has been approved for deployment by over 30 IT technology vendors and tens of thousands of enterprise IT professionals.

TechValidate is a 100% Software-as-a-Service application that combines elements of mediated social networking, market research, and automation into a single tool that allows IT professionals to confidently, anonymously share hands-on experiences with others.

TechValidate leverages innovation to let IT professionals share their data center product testimonials, benefits, deployment and usage experiences in a secure, anonymous, and verified fashion. As a trusted third party, TechValidate certifies the identity and authenticity of all IT professional feedback that it collects for a given vendor's product. The service then allows these verified, anomymized IT professional insights to be shared by the wider IT community.

From start-ups to market leaders, IT vendors find TechValidate compelling because of the veracity it brings to their customer communications.

Beyond the evaluation needs of IT professionals working with emerging vendors, TechValidate has also widely demonstrated that its verification ability can scale to meet the demands of established publicly traded market leaders across the data center space, working with many such companies including 3PAR, Isilon, Data Domain and F5 Networks.

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