DBAM Systems’ Exbander Precision EP600 Confirmed as Leading Edge Traffic Shaping and Application Acceleration Technology

DBAM Systems releases details of the test results from independent technology testing undertaken by The Tolly Group in September 2008, which proves that DBAM's Exbander Precision EP600 assists organisations with traffic shaping and application acceleration to a degree that no competitor can currently match.

The results reveal that DBAM's EP600 enables businesses to accelerate data transfer times by up to 174 times for strategic application types such as CIFS HTTP, MAPI, SQL and FTP traffic, making efficient use of WAN links – with the potential to deliver increased productivity and generate significant business savings across the network.

The DBAM Exbander Precision EP600 unit and software delivers advanced traffic shaping and application acceleration across a wide variety of traffic parameters, to protect application performance. Specifically the EP600 brings together a range of features on one device including comprehensive network traffic analysis, management and reporting, application acceleration, streaming compression, routing, load balancing plus a host of security features.

Regardless of the traffic type tested, the EP600 delivered sizeable improvements in the time required to transfer data or files across a simulated WAN links. Tolly Group engineers tested several different file-transfer protocols to simulate real-world application such as remote file access, intranet & internet, database and email. Across a 512Kbps – 250 msec RTT, a performance improvement of between 22 times to 174 times was achieved. At 2,048Kbps – 100 msec RTT, an improvement of speed 10 times to 59 times was achieved and at 4,096Kbps – 60 msec RTT, an improvement of speed 6 times to 35 times was achieved.

As well as the improvement in performance, which improves the efficiency and productivity of staff at remote sites, bandwidth availability was increased by up to 23,000 times which allows network managers to maximise their existing bandwidth investment. The unparalleled visibility and new Network Diagnostics capability effectively reduces the support requirements for network management teams by highlighting mis-configurations, inefficiencies and incompatibilities of network devices.

The testing went further than pure empirical throughput; The Tolly Group simulated an overload of the network to test the EP600's ability to accelerate business-critical traffic even under heavy load. The company found that acceleration was unaffected by flooding the network link by applying traffic shaping, a technology in use by every Service Provider around the world and now made available for enterprises in the same device as application acceleration.

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