SpringSource Announces Availability of SpringSource dm Server

SpringSource announces the general availability of the SpringSource dm Server, a completely modular, OSGi-based Java server to run enterprise Java applications and Spring-powered applications. With the availability of the SpringSource dm Server, SpringSource now delivers Spring, the de facto standard Java application platform, coupled with the only application server expressly designed to run Spring applications.

The standards-based SpringSource dm Server builds on OSGi, Java standards and the fundamental Spring tenets of simplicity, flexibility and power to deliver a solution for today's grid and virtualized environments and tomorrow's cloud deployments. For the operations team, the SpringSource dm Server features seamless application and resource library upgrades, side-by-side version deployments, as well as application monitoring and analysis from URL throughput to query, cache and transaction statistics. For the development team, it provides a flexible and resilient development server that resolves the vexing application dependency problems that are a common challenge with legacy Java EE application packaging. The SpringSource dm Server enables repeated incremental deployments without server restarts, shortening iterative development-test cycles and providing an ideal platform for today's agile development approaches.

The SpringSource dm Server is an enterprise Java application server that utilizes the SpringSource dm Kernel technology. The dm Kernel provides a lightweight, fast, module-based backbone for the server, which also harnesses the power of Spring, OSGi-based technologies and a fully integrated version of Apache Tomcat. This configuration makes the dm Server the natural choice for virtual and cloud computing environments where dynamic provisioning and minimal footprint are critical.

The SpringSource dm Server is the foundation of the SpringSource Application Platform, an end-to-end solution that is designed for complete portability and scalability for today's data center and for next-generation virtualized, grid and cloud computing deployments. The Platform is comprised of products designed to provide the optimal environment to build, run and manage enterprise Java applications that utilize Spring-based technologies. In addition to the SpringSource dm Server, the Platform includes SpringSource Enterprise which delivers the software, services, and technical support necessary to ensure that organizations develop and run Spring-powered enterprise applications more productively, securely and with the greatest uptime.

The SpringSource dm Server is immediately commercially available.

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