Opera Mini Upgraded to 3.0

Opera Software releases Opera Mini 3.0, the latest version of the mobile browser. The upgrade includes new features that enhance mobile social networking abilities on all community sites: photo sharing, RSS feed reader and secure connections. Opera Mini is not tied to any single service, so it offers a personal Web experience that can be used to easily browse and upload pictures to all online community sites, including MySpace, Blogger, Flickr, Facebook and My Opera, as well as securely using popular webmail such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Featuring secure connections, Opera Mini makes all Web transactions safe, including banking or shopping on eBay or Amazon. Opera Mini is globally available free of charge and enables Web browsing on almost any mobile phone. Only an Internet data plan through your carrier/operator is needed to access the Internet.

New features in Opera Mini: easy photo sharing; RSS Feed Reader; secure banking/shopping; content folding; faster surfing.

Opera Mini is available for almost any mobile phone. A start page provides users options to type in a Web address, search with Google or access their bookmarks. Opera Mini is optimized to reduce the size of data transferred to the phone, which makes browsing fast and cheaper for users that pay per kilobyte transferred. Content folding improves the user experience by reducing the amount of scrolling before users reach the main content of a site. Secure connections make all online transactions safe, allowing users to bank or shop from their phones.

Users are able to access and interact with all of their community sites. Opera Mini can now allow users to launch their phone cameras through their browser to instantly publish photos to their e-mail, forum or blog. The integrated RSS feed reader keeps preferred news and content one click away in the browser. Users get the information they want sent directly to their phones.

Main features of Opera Mini
- Real Web: User-friendly access to all Web pages from a mobile phone;
- Data compression: Server-side data compression creates faster browsing and lower bills for services charged per kilobyte;
- Content download: Download images, MP3s, etc. directly to the phone;
- Skins: Style Opera Mini to your own taste by selecting from several new and bold skins to suit your mood;
- Multi-search: Use Opera Miniís advanced search functionality by selecting additional search engines for your start page.

New features in Opera Mini 3.0
- Photo Sharing: Point, snap and instantly publish photos in your e-mail, forum or blog;
- RSS Feed Reader: Add favorite news feeds directly in the browser;
- Secure connections: Safely bank or make purchases online;
- Content Folding: Collapse long menu lists into one expandable button for user-friendly navigation.

Opera Mini advantages:
- Content providers can instantly mobilize Web-based services directly to end users in the mass market.
- End users can easily browse and interact with the Web at high speeds and low costs on their current handsets.
- Handset manufacturers can make their phones more attractive by including a mass-market and user-friendly Web browser on their handsets.
- Operators can offer the same branded Web experience to all of their customers regardless of the handset being used, thereby significantly increasingly ARPU throughout the entire customer base.

When a Web page is accessed using Opera Mini, it is first sent to a remote server where itís compressed to reduce the size of the data transferred before sending it to the phone. This compression enables the processing of Web pages on even basic phones and also reduces the costs associated with browsing and data transferring for subscribers of limited data plans.

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