PostPath Email and Collaboration Server 2.0 Is Available

PostPath announces public availability of the PostPath Server 2.0 the only Exchange alternative to deliver drop-in enterprise compatibility at the network protocol level with Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory, already installed Exchange Servers, and other email ecosystem applications such as BlackBerry.

The 2.0 release includes the open source Zimbra AJAX web-client adapted for the PostPath Server, enabling Web-2.0-style browser-based access to email, calendaring, contacts, and other functions, independent of the type of web-browser or client platform an individual may be using. Web-access works seamlessly in mixed Exchange and PostPath server environments, allowing, a web-client user to see free-busy calendar information for any co-worker, regardless of whether that co-worker's data is hosted on a PostPath Server or on Exchange.

In addition, PostPath Server 2.0 provides advanced infrastructure capabilities. Specifically, the PostPath Server now supports on and off-site server replication and hot failover using DRBD and Linux HA, two open-source technologies built into Linux. The result for users is significantly better reliability, disaster recovery, and business continuity at a vastly reduced cost.

Based on customer request, PostPath Server 2.0 also supports enterprise grade encryption of the PostPath file-based mail store a key requirement in working with larger enterprises who need data security across a wide range of environments.

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