Virus Bulletin 100% Award for Windows 2003

Authentium announced today that its Command Antivirus for Microsoft Server 2003 antivirus product has again been awarded the prestigious Virus Bulletin 100% award by UK-based testing firm Virus Bulletin.

This latest Virus Bulletin 100% award marks the fifth time in as many tests that Authentium has entered and subsequently been awarded a 100% award for its highly-respected Command Antivirus technology. Authentium previously won in June 2005 for Microsoft Windows NT and XP platforms.

“Virus Bulletin’s continued confirmation of our ability to detect 100% of computer viruses in the wild is a strong validation of our engineering approach, and reflects the customer experience, ” said John Sharp, Chairman & CEO of Authentium. “Few vendors can match our record on detection and performance, and nobody has a larger library of identified samples.”

Authentium’s latest award comes as the company gears up to release its latest technology – the world’s first real-time spyware detection engine.

“The release of our TSX real-time antispyware plug-in brings spyware detection and remediation into the modern age”, said Doug Brunt, President of Authentium. “While antivirus vendors currently catch viruses in real time, using advanced techniques, antispyware vendors have been slow to catch up, adopting mainly manual scanning methods, or a strategy of running closely-spaced scheduled scans. Our antispyware technology doesn’t allow spyware to sneak past such defenses, vastly improving network and device security”.

Authentium’s end point security technologies protect an increasing number of ISP subscriber desktops and an increasing number of email appliance vendors in North America. Authentium has invested significantly in application firewall, anti-phishing, real-time spyware detection, and service hardening technologies, in addition to its antivirus business, resulting in deals with industry giants CipherTrust, Cox Communications, Earthlink, Microsoft and Postini.

“We are proud of our growing reputation in the security software industry”, said Mr. Sharp. “Going forward, we intend to work even more closely with our peers in the industry to improve not only threat mitigation and remediation, but also end point service protection. We believe that integrated end point service hardening is the next logical need in market. Our multi-vendor, patent-pending kernel-level protection SDK is now available. We believe that we are in a strong position to enhance end point security capabilities in this area across the industry”.

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