King Crimson "Discipline Era Score Book" + Trey Gunn Online Course

King Crimson / Trey Gunn

The Discipline Era Transcriptions (score book) + Trey Gunn Online Course

7d Media

19 August 2021

7d Media is excited to announce a second printing of this long awaited scorebook.
With this new print run we now have copies being printed, and shipped, from Europe.
This means we have significantly lowed the shipping costs from the first run of last year.

Limited edition, full-band transcriptions + tabs of one of King Crimson's most innovative eras:

Three Of A Perfect Pair

Every tune on all three releases meticulously transcribed by Gabriel Riccio.
Editing and tabs by Trey Gunn.

This version of King Crimson (Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford) shocked the world with the pioneering musical language brought forth on the "Discipline" release in 1981. They went on to record two more albums in this configuration -- "Beat" and "Three of a Perfect Pair".

Gabriel Riccio set the standard for deep and thorough transcriptions with the King Crimson "THRAK" book. Trey Gunn was a member King Crimson for 10 years and has worked with Robert Fripp for nearly 20 years.

Proof-readers include Matt Tate, Dean Pascarella, Stan Chong and Anthony Garone of

Produced on high-quality paper in 9"x12" format, spiral bound for lay-flat-open reading. 256 pages.

Work directly with Trey Gunn on a weekly basis in this 9-week online group course. This is the fourth year of this highly successful course.

Join Trey as he breaks down one of the basic building blocks of music — the modes — into digestible parts, both sonically and theoretically, so you can use them with ease.

For all instrumentalists and singers from beginner to experienced levels.

“The Modes course has been ‘ear-opening.’ I’m a professional orchestral musician and have a thorough background in music. Trey’s method for practicing to hear each scale degree in context is both simple and profound. This course truly starts from the very beginning yet puts it all in a larger context, with much to offer the more experienced musician.
I think for anyone who has studied music theory, but hasn’t felt the full benefit, this course will help you pull it all together. It has been helping me with new music I am interested in, but has also become a valuable tool with my regular work, analyzing and memorizing the classical music I perform.”
— Aralee Dorough, principal flutist Houston Symphony

“My listening experience has been deeply transformed after working with Trey. His advice and guidance is not only straightforward and practical but paradoxically transcends into the mysterious nature of music.”
– Daniel Reyes Llinás (composer/guitarist)

“I have been studying modes for a long time but found Trey's presentation as the one approach where the light bulb goes on above my head.”
– Bob Kessler (harmonica)

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