Enticing Grooves from Esbe's Re-mix

Following on from her critically acclaimed 2020 album Saqqara, Esbe is releasing a very special re-mix of one of the album’s singles, MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS. Esbe carefully selected English electro-music and world music innovators, Transglobal Underground, for the project.

“I was confident that TGU would understand where I was coming from musically and would create something special, which they certainly did!
I imagined a young woman dreaming of her lover whilst, with the rising sun, a procession gathers around the looming silhouette pyramid.”

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS Re-mix is an epic track which Transglobal Underground have enhanced with characteristic drama. Keeping the sensual vocal, they’ve added ambiguous sounds which build into the enticing groove – it’s certainly a track that lends itself to a good re-mix. The vocal format from Esbe’s original track has been kept in full, but with additional vocals specific for the re-mix – another voice calling from the Egyptian dusk. The Transglobal Underground treatment of the song gave Esbe renewed inspiration to add these improvisations. With current restrictions in place, Esbe and TGU record on the same platform and so can share recorded files by email. As Esbe says,

“Transglobal Underground left space for my new vocal ad libs, creating a wonderful soundscape which envelopes and intensifies the mystery…it all takes the track a little deeper into the world of the ancient pharaohs!”

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS Re-mix has two mixes available: the full six-minute epic, and the equally luscious radio edit for which Esbe has produced her first video – something she has just learnt during the last lock-down. This video perfectly utilises quick-paced edits – in time to the music – with fleeting glimpses of lovers combined with a series of semi-psychedelic images. The visual narrative brings a heightened excitement to this new interpretation of Esbe’s majestic song, with an exhilarating hedonistic finale.

MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS Transglobal Underground Re-Mix is being released through Cadiz Digital Music on the 5th March 2021.

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***** 5 stars "ESBE is a really exceptional artist. wonderful, hypnotic and dark world electronica-jazz…captivating, mysterious, enchanting.." INMUSIC, INHARD

**** 4 stars "Beautifully haunting...positively cinematic... vivid soundscapes that beautifully
re-create her journey" RnR MAGAZINE Issue #83

“… soaring melismatic vocals…” SONGLINES

"Enchanting tender singing to floating ancient grooves…" WESTZEIT

"Exotic Impressions of Saqqara... captivating… trance-like percussion" WORLD MUSIC CENTRAL

" … filmic drama of unfurled beauty …a lushly performed lyrical and thematic message for the
present epoch” MONOLITH COCKTAIL

"… captivating and beautiful!” ROOTSTIME

Digital Single: My Love Knows No Bounds - Transglobal Underground ReMix
Artist: Esbe + Transglobal Underground
Label: New Cat, distributed through Cadiz Music
Release Date: 5 March 2021
Genre: World electronica, hypnotic grooves, desert jazz
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