new single form Moonjune artist Boris Savoldelli dedicated to David Bowie, Lou Reed and the city of Berlin

With such a title: "Bowie...Reed...Berlin", it's easy to understand what the song is about. Berlin was a very important and inspiring place for two of the most important art-avant-rock musicians like David Bowie and Lou Reed. But Berlin was also the place where an important and long friendship was born, more than 20 years ago, between italian jazz-avant singer Boris Savoldelli (a long time Moonjune musician called by international press: the voice-orchestra) and Franco Manco (an italian rock-pop songwriter).

Boris Savoldelli and Franco Manco met, for the very first time, in Berlin during a tribute concert dedicated to their common hero: Frank Zappa, who would be the symbol of their long-time friendship. In 2020, they finally chose to try writing together some original songs, joining their very different influences and backgrounds, under a common statement: there's only good music and bad music, no matter about differences of genres or style.

And here is their first unreleased song: the magic and genius of David Bowie and Lou Reed under the sky of one of the most exciting and innovative cities of Europe: Berlin.
They worked together in a team created by Franco Manco and Moris Pradella (an italian pop-rock multi-instrumentalist, singer and arranger) called, Radio FM Project. The song is an original tune between electronic, rock-jazz and pop, very difficult to be fixed into a single genre.

Besides Boris, Franco and Moris, the production team is also composed by productor and sound engineer Marco Malavasi and lyricist-singer Daniela Galli.

The song, officially out on february 27 2021, can be listened in preview here:
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