Paul Dutton | Pantheon

American multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Paul Dutton is premiering today his new single "Pantheon". The song is taken from his upcoming debut album "Parallel Spark" to be released on May 7, 2021.

In the midst of a cross country move from California to his home state of New Jersey, Paul Dutton is releasing his follow up single to Walls of Light entitled Pantheon. As a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer for acts like Joshua Barnhart and Strange Pilgrim among many others, he discovered his own voice and embarked on the journey of recording a solo album.

Pantheon is an interchanging modal soundscape. In a departure from the previously released single Walls of Light, Pantheon is derived from more compositional elements. The pedal tone drives a plea for rationality and civility in a distinctly unrestful time. Yet the plea is directed at the songwriter himself to remain level headed and productive.

Dutton again takes the helm as multi-instrumentalist and engineer, with collaborator Brett Hammond furnishing soaring guitar leads and polishing the track with his refined mixing and mastering skills.

Pantheon will be officially released on all digital platforms on February 11, 2021.

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