Samson Ashe | Simple Man (Orchestral)

Today Samson Ashe shares the captivating re-work with his anthemic release ‘Simple Man’ via Monotreme Records. The stripped back orchestral version lays the lyrics bare to unlock a new emotional depth. Born from self reflection, post break up, it’s a sky reaching track that brings with it flawless vocals that are unmissable. Simple Man is an unforgettable showcase of Samson Ashe’s incredible vocal talent.

Sharing more on the track Ashe explains:
‘I was at war with myself asking who I was after a relationship. I felt like I had lost myself and I had to drown out the villain that often lives between my mind and listen to the dormant hero that pumps in my chest. Simple man is a spotlight to part of these conversations.’

Samson Ashe won hearts and critical acclaim with his debut track ‘Too Rough’ (released via 37Adventures) back in 2017, showcasing a head turning vocal range and rare vibrancy. Last year Ashe made a welcome return with his sophomore track ‘Fun’, a playful & catchy release paying homage to growing up in the 90s. With ‘Simple Man’ now under his belt too, Ashe has been met with a wealth of tastemaker press including Complex UK, Cool Hunting, Guap, Wonderland, Atwood & London in Stereo.

The London born and bred singer-songwriter takes inspiration from an eclectic melting pot of fellow artists including Prince, Young Fathers, Oasis and Naughty By Nature. Not someone to be easily put in a box, you can expect a diverse showcase of Ashe’s talent to be rolled out this year via Warp imprint Roya and Monotreme Records.
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