Wednesday 10.10. ~ IL ~ LIVE @The Art Of Living Center Los Angeles for Navratri

~ IL ~
Spiritual Jazz Ensemble

Leisei Chen
Vocal, Melodica, Shimmering Percussion

Emile Pore
Vocal, Guitar, U-Bass, Looping

Alma Cielo
Violin, Viola, Sarangi

Joey DeRusha
Flute, Alto Flute, Looping

~ IL ~ Spiritual Jazz, co-founded by Leisei Chen with Emile Pore, later joined by Joey DeRusha and Alma Cielo. It is the synergy of four distinct artists, co-creating as a tribute to Michael White, Spiritual Jazz Violinist. We are a multi-cultural Integrated Arts quartet in organic spontaneous collaboration with healers, poets, dancers, yogis, photographers, videographers, actors & artists, with our vision base on One. Arts. Love. Healing.

Leisei Chen is a co-founder of ~IL~ Spiritual Jazz. Leisei is a jazz artist specializing in vocals, keyboard & special shimmering percussion, and she is a Qigong healing artist, as well. Born and raised in Kobe, Japan of Chinese heritage, surrounded by a rich multi-cultural environment inspired her artistic vision & expression. Leisei was mentored by and performed with Jazz luminaries in late '80s to '90s in New York & Seattle. She united with ground-breaking legendary Jazz violinist Michael White in 2003. Soon they became life and music partners, and formed Michael White Quintet. They recorded the award winning album Voices, performed in Japan, USA & Europe, and locally in Royce Hall UCLA, Grand Performances, Los Angeles Municiple Art Gallery, Eagle Rock Music Festival & Angeles Jazz Festival.

Emile Pore is a Jazz musician and vocalist who enjoys performing to a broad music-loving audience. Either solo, or with his Trio he likes and fuses many musical genres. To this end, Emile Pore considers himself a musical activist. Today, Emile Pore is recording his own music and performing on the music scene locally, with bands and various artists. Its no wonder that bands and producers are big supporters and advocates of Emile Pore. One of Emile Pores passion projects has been his documentation of Jazz in Los Angeles, exploring and recording the soundscapes and images of musicians in our city.

Joey DeRusha has taken his approach to integrative design across genres and around the world. A multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Los Angeles, he was a founding member of Ocean 11 and The Alef Project and Jiode origami design. He draws inspiration between the connections between people and the architecture of the cosmos as expressed by music. Joey is pleased to bring his experimental approach culture, sacred geometry and collaboration to ~IL~.

Alma Cielo is a ritual/performance artist, dancer and musician, with over 30 years experience on the violin, and more recently the viola and ancient Indian instrument, the sarangi. She has traveled and performed in Russia, the U.K., Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines, as well as local venues such as Disney Hall, Dorothy Chandler and the Hollywood Bowl. In ensemble work she has won the Lester Horton Award in world dance, in theater Fringe Firsts and theAudience Choice Award in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in ~IL~ Alma has found a spiritual collaboration that allows her spirit to sing in total freedom, exhilaration, healing and peace.

The Art of Living Foundation promotes global harmony and uplifts society by strengthening one individual at a time. Its programs teach a blend of ancient eastern breathing techniques and wisdom that help eliminate stress, restore the highest human values and encourage people from all backgrounds, religions and cultural traditions to come together in celebration and service to humanity.

Navratri is the festival of nine nights where we celebrate the divine feminine power by soaking in Vedic homas and chants. These ancient chants nullify misery, sorrow, and pain while purifying the atmosphere and ushering in peace, providing solace, and healing the body and mind. Attending these homas is very beneficial, and taking a sankalpa makes them more powerful. Sankalpa, or the act of having a good intention, works well when we identify the intention and surrender it to the Divine. Sunlight is present everywhere, but with a magnifying glass, it creates fire. Similarly, sankalpa is like a magnifying glass for all your intentions.
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