16 Days Until Take-Off of The Planet Festival - Camping, music, workshops and lots of love!

October 18-21, 2018
Windy Acres Farms
1350 Miller Blvd
Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Prestage Brothers – Holey Miss Moley – Russ Bowers Isn’t Dead Yet –
Irlene Mandrell – Melissa Crispo – The FireWater Tent Revival –
Beautiful Bobby Blackmon – Toney Rocks – Somebody’s Sons –
Forgiven Sinners – Shaw Davis and the Black Ties – Grindstone Sinners
– Revelry Soul – The Feeling Well – The Reality – Legacy Orchestra
Collective – Tucker - Bygone Brethren – Jon Prestage – The GetBye –
Side Hustle – Carly Bak – Eugene Snowden of the Legendary JC’s –
Somatic – Francesca Ani – String Shine – Bridget Kelly Band – Melencholy Weekend – DirtyRed & The Soul Shakers –
Mother Medicine Music – Halfway Hippie.

Help us Help the Environment
Our goal is to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible with our festival. This includes YOUR PARTICIPATION!! Please, bring reusable drinking containers, utensils and dishes. We will be serving food and drinks in compostable containers and collecting for a compost pile more than garbage!

What accommodations are available?
15 acres of land to bring in an RV or camp primitively.
No fires allowed there will be a community fire regulated for safety
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