String Trio of New York Appearing @ The Seligmann Center Sat., June 16th 8pm

Spawned from the richly diverse adventurous music scene on New York’s Lower East Side in 1977, the String Trio of New York (S3NY) delights, surprises and inspires audiences around the world with its unique improvisations and compositions for acoustic violin, guitar and bass. The group is one of the most active and visible of the original late 20th century ensembles playing new music in the jazz tradition. A true pioneer of the genre-busting, unclassifiable music that blossomed in New York in the 1980s, S3NY plowed the path for future explorers, combining jazz, western classical, world-music and experimental forms into a cohesive palette of sonic textures and adventurous energy that opened the ears and minds of the public for what eventually became known as New York’s Downtown Sound.
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