World Premiere Susie Ibarra, the DreamTime Ensemble, and Souleymane Badolo @ Asia Society

Fragility: An Exploration of Polyrhythms is the world premiere of drummer/composer Susie Ibarra’s new immersive performance. Using polyrhythms as a model for human interdependence, Ibarra captures the concept of fragility through music, exploring the subtle intersections that affect relationships. Ibarra conceives the musical structure of Fragility as a ‘game piece’ in which the rules require performers to take turns conducting action: shifting roles and perspectives in live experimentation.

Drawing on deep knowledge of Asian and jazz percussive traditions, Ibarra leads audiences on a journey into a mesmerizing musical environment. An ensemble of seven musicians creates multi-layered, expansive sonic textures. Dancer Souleymane Badolo interacts with custom-built motion capture technology in which the dancer’s movements trigger recorded sounds to create a live rhythmic composition. The performance of Fragility takes place in the Asia Society Museum’s Starr Gallery with musicians at the center, audience surrounding them, and all enveloped by the multi-channel surround sound installation.

Concept and Music Compositions: Susie Ibarra
Choreography: Souleymane Badolo
Sound Engineering and Sound Design: Justin Frye
Stage Design and Lighting: Clifton Taylor
Interactive Systems Design: Tommy Martinez

DreamTime Ensemble: Claudia Acuña, vocals; Jennifer Choi, violin; Yves Dharamraj, cello; Justin Frye, bass; Yuka C. Honda, electronics; Susie Ibarra, drumset and percussion; and Jake Landau, guitar and keyboard

Asia Society Fri & Sat June 8-9 7:30 - 8:40 p.m.
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