Ryder Havdale | "Good Girls" Music Video and Album Announcement

Candy Haven, will be the debut full-length album by Toronto/Berlin-based producer Ryder Havdale.

The album is a synth-infused, polyphonic landscape of texture and sound, bridging the gap between the sounds of techno, house and the spirit of rock and roll.

The songs on Candy Haven call to mind electronic acts such as Caribou and Jon Hopkins, while it was a show opening for Slow Magic in Vienna that was the catalyst for hanging up the guitar (touring as The Mohawk Lodge), and diving into the electronic world.

Co-produced by Ewan Kay (Moon King) and mastered in Berlin by Bo Kondren (Caribou), Havdale has enlisted a top shelf list of Canadian musicians (Joseph Shabason of Destroyer, Maylee Todd, Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade) to join him in this musical quest to find emotional catharsis through digital music.

About the video
The video of Good Girls was shot by Havdale himself w/ a selfie stick and his iPhone at Joshua Tree. He met Heather Williamson in the Frontier cafe on his last day there and asked her if she wanted to star in it.

Candy Haven

1. Berlin Nights
2. In The Way You Love
3. Jessy Lanza
4. Don Caballero
5. Partners In Crime
6. My Heartís A Mess
7. Chasing Unicorns
8. Good Girls
9. Where Good Love Never Dies
10. Donít Cave In
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