Australian singer Chris S performs with sky-soaring vocals on new single ‘High'

Australian singer/songwriter Chris S has been building momentum with his new single ‘High’. An emerging voice in the Australian music scene, Chris has soulful vocals with a distinctive songwriting ability that bleeds authenticity. His songs are textured and emotive, in a way that will make you drop everything and listen.

Chris has recorded a live session of ‘High’ with acoustic guitar, Cajon drums and backup vocalists, Chris’s vocals soar over the instrumentation with a passionate, clear tone. A sense of vulnerability and charm is infused throughout the song with heartfelt lyrics that expand in meaning with repeated listening. Chris explains “It conveys the positivity and the energy that a person feels when they’ve just met someone who affects them deeply in a romantic way."

Growing up, Chris was surrounded by musicians so it wasn’t too surprising that he found his passion for music at an early age. His formative years were spent performing as the lead in an acapella group where he spent time crafting his distinctive tone and dynamic vocal range.

As a self-taught pianist, Chris has an excellent sense of melody and has crafted a sound that is both immersive and all his own. With meticulous, forward-thinking production and obvious attention to detail, ‘High’ creates an atmosphere that cannot be understated.

The music video for ‘High’ is dropping next week and you can also expect the acoustic version, along with an EDM remix which is also in the works.
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