Midas Fall (UK) | Video Premiere

Midas Fall release their first video from their forthcoming album, 'Evaporate', for the track 'Glue'.

Directed and produced by Stefano Bertelli of Seenfilm (, the stop motion video, which depicts the odyssey of a lone wolf, was created using only coloured cards. 3D software was used to generate the models, and then the cards were cut with a vinyl cutter and folded to create each item in the set.

Regarding the inspiration behind the track, Elizabeth Heaton, from Midas Fall says :
“Glue is a song that exists in 4 parts and goes on a journey. Over the years time starts to blur the edges of the situation you are in up to the point that this becomes your normality and impossible to see an outside perspective. As the track unfolds the realisation is made and leads to further realisation of the difficulties associated with breaking free. Ultimately ending in chaos.

The song gives a little nod to Ravels “Gaspard de la nuit” at the start before going in a more electronic direction, utilising sparseness, beats and synths.”

Evaporate is out worldwide on April 27 via Monotreme Records.
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