Charlie Looker | Debut solo album announcement

Charlie Looker announces debut solo album "Simple Answers" coming June 15 2018 via Last Things Records and unveils first single "Ritual Fire" via Revolver Magazine.

"This song could be about fascist brainwashing and occultism, or it could be about the dangers of certain drugs. Either way, I'm singing about how the flames of certain inhuman, amoral forces can set ablaze and control the psyche of certain kinds of people. Demonic possession, black magic, it's all very real."

After a decade of accolades for his work leading underground bands spanning the experimental, indie and metal scenes, Native New York composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Charlie Looker arrives with a highly experimental concept album -- his most ambitious project to date and the first record under his own name.

Featuring a 17-piece chamber orchestra and four years in the making, 'Simple Answers' materialized as a piece of crossover art music as complex and severe as both the city and the times, in which it was created. Fans of Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen, ANOHNI, Arthur Russell, Zola Jesus and Hildegard von Bingen will resonate with this radical form of dark orchestral pop. As a text, the album will appeal to those eager to confront today's fascist psychic currents in a nuanced way, lest those currents consume the world with the simple answer of their flames.

Charlie Looker
Simple Answers

1. What Dawn is This? (Overture)
2. Ritual Fire
3. Golden Flesh
4. Fascist Moments
5. Black Sun
6. Speak Until Death Comes
7. What Dawn is This? (Return)
8. Puppet
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