2018 Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

This is the 9th year of The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival.

Our goal; to highlight local jazz talent, celebrate America's musical art form and continue to support those who hire live music.

The monies raised are used in the following ways:
- Create programming
- to promote the series which is Aug 9 -12
- to supplement musicians pay which primarly comes from the presenting venues.
- a percentage will be donated by us to The Jazz Foundation of America which provides performance opportunities to emergency living expenses to medical care to housing, the Jazz Foundation offers a variety of programs and assistance for jazz and blues musicians in need.

No one from the this festival organization is on salary.

The support from the public, local media, cafe's, restaurants, other concert series' , the Village of Warwck and others has meant a great deal to us.

Your help will help us to present new artists, as well as those folks have enjoyed over the years. And a big thank you to Jim Eigo and Jazz Promo Services for their ongoing support.
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T: 845-986-1677
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