Andrew Gould's "First things First" is coming!

After being a sideman on countless recordings, Andrew Gould has put the finishing touches on his debut release, “First Things First”, with Outside in Music. “First Things First”, an album 10 tracks deep, is a solid set of straight ahead jazz, with some tracks exploring the genre’s successors like funk, rnb and electronic music.

“First Things First represents the music that means the most to me, and the music I’ve been playing the most since I’ve gotten to New York.” - Andrew Gould

A few of the tunes pay homage to the players Andrew looked up to as a kid. “Mumbo Jumbo is a track on the album that’s a contrafact of Hocus Pocus, originally based on the standard ‘Mean to Me.’ I decided to write a contrafact of Hocus Pocus because I love Joe Henderson’s playing on the original recording. I would listen to it over and over, I could sing it from memory, I just love it so much.” Some of Andrew’s other tunes are inspired by his life experiences while living in New York City. 7am, for example, was named as a result of working on the tune overnight and finishing at the crack of down. “[7am] represented me being stressed out, just trying to finish this song and feeling delirious.” The tune is a microcosm of the life an artist leads.
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