New York Jazz Stories with Bernard Purdie and David Haney April 6, 2018, 9:30pm @ Joe's Pub

New York Jazz Stories combines improvised music with five classic New York stories, told to David Haney by the artists themselves, recorded and transcribed, and retold beautifully by Haney with backing by Bernard Purdie and friends.
"Haney and Purdie fit together like interlocking parts of a jigsaw puzzle. The drums gives a center to the piano's drifting improvisations and the piano creates fantastic shapes about the drum foundation. These two makes a really strong and fascinating team." Cadence Magazine

David Haney, piano and narration; Bernard Purdie, drums; Adam Lane, bass: Steve Swell, trombone; Jason Kao Hwang, violin; Melanie Dyer, viola; and Tomas Ulrich, cello.
Featured Stories
Randy Weston - Early Days in Brooklyn
Lester Chambers - Working with Miles Davis
Marvin Bugalu Smith - Working with Town Sound Recordings
Eddie Gale - Hats and Mustaches

"Haney tells these tales with the dramatic flair of a Garrison Keillor." Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

Featured Music from the new work "Birth of a City" for Chamber Orchestra

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