MetaQuorum - Witchkraft Jazz

We have recently finished recording, producing, mixing
and mastering our second 12-track album
WITCHCRAFT JAZZ., to be released as a double LP on
vinyl as well as CD, digital download and streaming.
As well core musicians Dmitry Ermakov and Koos van
der Velde, the line-up for this album includes: bass
player Victor Mikheyev (who also co-wrote three tracks
with Dmitry Ermakov: The Bartender, Swagger and
Seven Dwarfs Rock); his son George Mikheyev on cello;
Andrew Guerin on trumpet; Carol Ermakova – vocals.
WITCHCRAFT JAZZ was recorded in several studios and
venues in the UK, Russia and Bulgaria, produced and
mixed by Dmitry Ermakov and Koos van der Velde, and
mastered by Christopher Longwood at SugarHill
Recording Studios, TX, USA.
In terms of style, this album flows organically from
MetaQuorum’s previous compositions, further
developing the concept of Meld music, a fusion of Prog,
Funk, Jazz, Rock, Swing, Electronica and more.
Compositions such as the title track Witchcraft Jazz,
Parallax, Limping Mathematician and Autumn Groove
further explore the technique of Structural Fusion. The
coda – Goldfinch Charm – is an exquisite blend of
Electronica with Jazz Fusion and Blues, while the
opening track – Crimson Dreams – includes a lyric
poem written and read by Dmitry Ermakov.


Established in 2014, MetaQuorum is a groundbreaking
new music project by Russian born
composer/keyboardist Dmitry Ermakov playing Meld, a
fusion of Funk, Prog, Rock, Jazz, Electronica and more.
Dmitry Ermakov began playing piano at six. At
seven, he entered the St. Petersburg State Capella
where he majored in classical piano, composition,
harmony and conducting, later going on to study sax,
piano and improvisation in the Jazz Faculty,
Mussorgsky Music College. Throughout the 80’s and
early 90’s, Ermakov was active in the Soviet
underground scene, gigging and recording with his own
punk and fusion bands as well as performing with such
legendary artists as avant-garde jazz trumpeter V.
Gaivoronsky and blues-rock star Yuri Morozov.
Ermakov also composed and recorded soundtracks for
Lenfilm cinema studios and the renowned Russian
clown troupe Licedei Minus 4 (produced at Studio D2),
as well as working as Musical Director at Toxovo
Cultural Centre. He emigrated to the UK in 1993
following the collapse of the Soviet Union, where he
has recently set up a new funk-prog-elctro-jazz project
called MetaQuorum.

Dutch drummer Koos van der Velde joined
MetaQuorum in November 2014. Like Ermakov, van
der Velde began playing at six, and was already
drumming with his first metal band, Lunacy, by
thirteen. After gigging with several local metal and
punk bands for six years, in 1993 van der Velde joined
experimental jazz-core band Megakronkel, the Dutch
group which opened the way for bands such as Victims
Family and NoMeansNo. Renowned for his superfast
double kick, van der Velde has been gigging and
recording for a variety of bands for the last 25 years,
alongside tutoring and running drum clinics both at
home and abroad

Guest Musicians

Carol Ermakova inherited her voice from her
mother, who won several singing competitions.
Despite being singled out for a select school choir at the
age of 11, Ermakova never developed this talent. In
2015, MetaQuorum persuaded her to join the project
as a second vocalist, and she has since been described
as ‘the voice from fairyland.’

Markus ‘Bluesharp’ Bossert Born in New York,
Markus ‘Bluesharp’ Bossert began playing the
bluesharp at 16 when he struck up a friendship with a
street musician who taught him the basics. Since the
late 90’s, he’s played with a plethora of bands all over
the globe, including The Strings in Kathmandu, Nepal.
He is a popular guest in Ermakov’s native land, gigging
at several venues in Arkhangelsk, notably the
Arkhangelsk Blues and Jazz Festivals organised by
Timothey Dorofeev.
Now living in Switzerland, Bossert joined the Baselbased
R Major Power Blues band in 2013, and is a
regular feature at jam sessions in the city, often joining
bands as a guest player. In recent months he has made
a couple of studio recordings.

St. Petersburg-born Viktor Mikheyev joined his
first band at 17 and is still playing bass today.
Flying in the face of persistent Soviet state control,
throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s Mikheyev
played in several underground bands, as well as joining
Ermakov in punk rock band Panika, avant-garde jazz
rock fusion outfit FoxBox and the eight piece group
Komnata 118. Mikheyev has recorded numerous songs
and albums, both as a soloist and for the many groups
with whom he has played including his own music
project The CyBear.
In 1982 Mikheyev embarked on a long-standing
collaboration with Lenfilm Studios as screen-writer,
actor and deputy director. He currently lives in Bulgaria
where he is active in the music and cinema scene.
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