A concert not to miss! VI International Choro Festival (CHOROFEST)

Brazilian Music Foundation is proud to present its
6th-Annual International Choro Festival -NYC

"Choro Around the World" with a lineup of very talented musicians and a variety of interesting performances.

Join us

December 12th

4pm ~ 8pm - NY Time

Over fifteen performances, featuring Regional, Contemporary, Electronic music, Roda de Choro (Choro Circle) and much more!
3-4 hr. of lively performances!
The Choro Festival has been presented annually in New York City by the Brazilian Music Foundation since 2015. This year we will be presenting the Festival online, with the participation of several choro groups from different parts of Brazil as well as other countries.

The Festival's goal is to promote and preserve "Choro" the oldest Brazilian musical style, established in the nineteenth century as part of Brazil's rich instrumental music tradition. We aim to share the sounds of Choro and to present some of these Choro groups from around the world who perform traditional Choro and their own compositions.

Benefit Concert to help the child victims of Covid in Brazil

With your participation and donation we will be able to help Organizations like, " Orquestrando a Vida" (Orquestrating Life), located at Campos de Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, and its students' families, victims of Covid in Brazil, and we also will collaborate with the BMF Musician's Relief Fund to help artists who are not working because of the pandemic. We thank our generous donors from around the globe who help Brazilian Music Foundation realize its mission of bringing artistic excellence and remarkable music to the widest possible audience.

About Choro

Brazilian Choro is considered Brazil's first "urban pop" music. There are over 30 different types of rhythms in Brazilian Music. By presenting the diversity of our rhythms, we hope to encourage diverse musicians, music students, adults, and children to engage in creating music with a dynamic communicative style that is energetic, fun, creative, and very inspiring!

Samba-Choro is a musical subgenre that emerged in the 1930s resulting from the fusion of rhythmic elements and the instrumental formation of samba with choro, both musical genres of Brazilian popular music

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