Brazilian Nominees - Latin Grammy 2020

The Latin Recording Academy recently announced the nominations for the 21st annual Latin GRAMMY Awards, with the ceremony scheduled for Thursday, November 19 where winners will be revealed. This year's nominees were selected from more than 18, 000 entries across 53 categories, representing a diversity of artists who released recordings during the eligibility period (June 1, 2019, through May 31, 2020). We've selected here just a few of the Brazilian nominees.
Yamandu Costa featuring Marcelo Jiran - Festejo
You rarely find an artist with such seasoned virtuosity, who is able to collaborate and blend so seamlessly with others. By now we've come to expect first class musical performances from Yamandu Costa, an acclaimed guitarist and composer from Brazil. In Festejo, he pairs his music beautifully with the virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Marcelo Jiran. To be sure, Jiran is a full band! Their interplay is complementary, correlative, and conclusive. Through each exquisitely composed and arranged piece, Costa and Jiran are headed in the same direction, giving each other space, and conversing in a stirring and poignant manner. In a word, this album is breathtaking.

Marcelo Jeneci - Guaia
"I am from Guaianazes, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo, built by workers who spread affection, resistance, dance, pain, colors and culture. There, I received the flame and the call to break the darkness of the future with music." On his first album in 6 years, Jeneci refers to his entire experience, from the street where he was born to what he learned as a renowned musician. Produced by Lux Ferreira and Pedro Bernardes, Guaia reveals Jeneci's life through a mixture of lyrical and aesthetic elements. In this new sonic territory, the sounds of beat-box, accordion, organ, mellotron and more are mixed together.

Margareth Menezes - Autêntica
Eleven years after releasing her last album, singer and songwriter Margareth Menezes is back with "Autêntica" (Estrela do Mar/Natura Musical). The new album was produced by Tito Oliveira and recordings took place at Oliveira studios and Ilha dos Sapos (Salvador), Da Pá Virada (São Paulo), Excello Recordings (New York), 26Bis and Du Regard (Paris). Margareth Menezes gives voice and advocates for the Brazilian afro-urban movement since 1992 with the project "Um Canto Pra Subir". She is considered to be the biggest name of Afropop in Brazil. "Autêntica" brings 13 songs with her unmistakable style. Some of them are "Mãe Preta" (Luedji Luna / Ravi Ladin), "Querera", with songwriter partner Nabiyah Be, Jimmy Cliff's daughter, "Vento Sã", featuring BaianaSystem's guitar player Roberto Barreto, and not to mention features from singers Ahmed Soultan ("Elegibô – Peaceful Heart") and Larissa Luz ("Capoeira Mundial").

Caetano Brasil - Cartografias
The result of his research on traditional folk music, Caetano Brasil's second album, Cartografias, brings an international touch to contemporary choro music. Without giving up Pixinguinha's legacy, this album embraces the freedom of jazz improvisation and the uniqueness of different cultures. Gypsy, klezmer, Afro-Caribbean and Japanese music are some of the influences on the eight tracks that make up this work, a provocative and mixed view on the language of choro.

Grupo Ofá - Obatalá: Uma Homenagem à Mãe Carmen

Initiated by Banda Ofá, Obatalá (A Homage to Mother Carmen) brings together artists such as Gilberto Gil, Alcione, Gal Costa, Zeca Pagodinho, Nelson Rufino, Daniela Mercury, Carlinhos Brown, Lazzo Matumbi, Marisa Monte, Jorge Ben Jor, Margareth Menezes, Márcia Short, Ivete Sangalo and Matheus Aleluia. Each guest refers to an Orixá, with a solo or duet participation. Recorded to preserve the memory of sacred Afro-Brazilian music, it is also an act of resistance, within the current cultural and political climate in Brazil.

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