For Your Consideration Frank Colón “Latin Lounge” Latin Grammys "Best Instrumental Album"


Artist Website:
Release Date: JAN. 1, 2020
UPC Code: 194171614446

Track listing (all songs composed & arranged by Frank Colón)
1. Emerald Coast (04:26)
2. Easy Does It (03:30)
3. Summer Cocktail (03:42)
4. Let's Just Go... (04:06)
5. Samba Gitano (03:25)
6. Spanish Heart (04:56)
7. Bali (07:55)
8. Wishful Thinking (05:33)
9. Tango Lucumí (03:59)
10. The Whales of Bahia (05:27)

Musicians + Instruments: (in alphabetical order)
-José Arimateia: Trumpet, Flugelhorn -Raphael Batista: Violin -Julio Falavigna: Drums -Daniel Figueiredo: Synths -Jamie Glaser: Acoustic Guitar -Estevão Lima: Bass -Jr. Lobbo: Electric Guitar -Luana Mallet: Vocals -Carlos Malta: Flute, Bass Flute -Kleyton Martins: Keyboards -Roman Miroshnichenko: Flamenco Guitar -Elton Ricardo: Fender Rhodes -Cristiano Rocha: Drums -José Staneck: Harmonica -Matheus Starling: Electric Guitar -Cristiano Veneza: Violin, Viola, Cello -Mateus Viano: Accordion -Frank Colón: Percussion, Voice, Programming

"Infectious original Latin jazz Frank Colón – LATIN LOUNGE: The dictionary definition for "infectious" is "likely to spread or influence others in a rapid manner"… as you watch and listen to the video for the 4:26 opener, "Emerald Coast", you'll find yourself totally enchanted with Frank's original Latin jazz! I give Frank and his stellar crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) score of 4.99." (Dick Metcalf - aka Dr Jazz)

"Latin Lounge is the latest release from highly respected Puerto Rican-American percussionist Frank Colón. He has worked in the USA and Brazil, playing Latin jazz and salsa. On Latin Lounge, he delivers a deeply satisfying set of laid back tropical lounge pieces rooted in Puerto Rican, Cuban, Brazilian and Argentine traditions along with gypsy jazz, funk and flamenco, adorned with soothing sounds of sea waves and other effects."

Certainly one of the most accomplished records in the area of Latin Jazz in recent history, Colón and company blend diverse musical backgrounds here seamlessly.

As a sideman with the Manhattan Transfer for 12 years, he collaborated with his creative sound for two of their Grammy awards (even being voted in 1988 as one of the top three "Most Influential Percussionist of the Year" by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine), so it's no wonder that this new album from Colón is so artistically flavorful.

Frank Colón is the JLO male counterpart, and he has a one-up on her because he's a couple of decks ahead. This man is fierce… He's an American-Puerto Rican-Brazilian hybrid with an incredibly lush and practiced musical career. An "A" echelon percussionist, or what I call a beast.

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