Mielo (Mind) is a walk through the woods, across the water, under the dancing sky, as the honking of geese fades away into the distance. Along each path, around every turn lie strong feelings and stories which can be imagined differently by each listener. Mielo is a musical tale about growing inner wings. Two musicians travel together on the many roads of their collective imagination where the most delicate feelings transform into the thunder of the boldest soundscapes.

On this album Maria Kalaniemi, worldwide acclaimed accordionist and winner of the Finnish State Prize for Music in 2018, returns to the mediatative soundscapes which we first heard on her Bellow Poetry album of 2005. Alongside these now emerges rhythmical and pulsating music inspired by wafting sounds that ring across the wilderness from the tops of the fells.

"Mielo is the powerful, empowering and multifaceted musical story of growing my own inner wings. Mielo is a combination of original compositions which together make up something like a musical migration. This music has come into existence over the last couple of years, which has been a very intense stage in my life. The music pretty much screamed and demanded release to be played, sung and shared, " Maria Kalaniemi


2020 Mielo, Akerö / Galileo MC
2017 Svalan, Akerö / Galileo MC
2014 Kaustinen Live 2003, Akerö
2011 Akerö, Akerö
2010 Vilda Rosor, Aito Records
2006 Bellow Poetry, Aito Records

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