Awards album Andalucia & Online Guitar Classes * El Amir

Amir John Haddad - El Amir has been awarded with the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS 2020 as a SILVER MEDALIST for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT with his new single ANDALUCÍA.

New flamenco album "Andalucia" released on February 28th as a tribute to Southern Spain, dedicating each song to each province within Andalusia.

After appearing on Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for the Hollywood movie "The Rhythm Section" (Jude Law) released in January 2020 this is now a great highlight in his career. The music industry is celebrating him internationally as one of the innovators of the flamenco guitar.

Due to global change El Amir has launched a brand new Online "One on One" Premium Guitar Package where he teaches guitar classes directly to students via Skype, Zoom etc.
His touring schedule, Guitar Camps and recordings has been so tight and busy throughout all these years, that it has been very difficult to hold up with all the requests of fans and followers to teach online classes. Now it's the perfect time!
El Amir is offering a personalized Guitar Mentoring Package where he will guide the student through the secrets and essence of the flamenco guitar.
If you know anybody in your environment who fancies learning directly from the master himself please don't hesitate to get in contact with me or resend the information

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