‘Andrea Parodi Awards’ 2019

Fanfare Station with the song "Rahil", in Tunisian, is the winner of the 12th Edition of the 'Premio Andrea Parodi', the only contest in Italy dedicated to World Music. The group, which is formed by musicians from Tunisia, Italy and the USA, also earned the Critics Award and that for Best Arrangement.

The event being held, whilst Summer is still present in Cagliari, from 10th to 12th October, hosted for the first time by the Auditorium of the Conservatoire "Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina" in Cagliari, all three evenings with a full-house.
The award for Best Lyrics going to Federico Marras Perantoni, keeping this award in Sardinian territory, with his song "Canzona di mari n.2 - Fóggu and Fiàra" in Sardinian, whilst Best Music goes to Elliott Morris (UK) with "The End of the World Blues", in English. Suonno D'Ajere (Campania) with "Suspiro", sang in Neapolitan won the Award for Best Interpretation along with a Special Mention by the international jury.
The Award for Best Interpretation of the song from the repertoire of Andrea Parodi goes to Setak (Abruzzo).
Arsene Duevi (Togo) with "Agamà", in ewè, earning both the Award nominated from the artists in the contest and Youths' Special Mention, whilst the Andrea Parodi Foundation assigned their Special Mention to Krzikopa (Poland) with "Hasiorki", in the Silesian.

The competition, which this year attained the participation of a large number of foreign artists, also saw the following compete ATA - Acoustic Alchemy Tarab (Tunisia and Lazio) with the song "Fattouma" in Arabic; Saly Diarra (Senegal) with "Musow" in Bambara, and Maribop (Spain and Sicily ) with "Un munnu dintra un munnu" in Sicilian and Basque.

The Hall of Fame Award went to Daniela Zedda, photographer and photojournalist of international importance. All the awards and prizes were made by Maria Conte, a Sardinian goldsmith and artist with worldwide recognition.

The event also hosted distinguished guests such as Moni Ovadia and AdoRiza (Friday), Simone Cristicchi, Tosca and La Maschera, the winner of last year's competition (Saturday). Furthermore on Saturday there was an excerpt from the show "Lingua Madre, il canzoniere di Pasolini", with Duo Bottasso, Elsa Martin, Davide Ambrogio. This is an original production from the Premio Città di Loano, the Mare e Miniere Festival and the Premio Andrea Parodi, based on an idea by Enrico de Angelis.
Over the three evenings, also saw artistic formations from the Cagliari Conservatoire performing. All under the artistic direction of Elena Ledda, with Gianmaurizio Foderaro and Ottavio Nieddu presenting.
The final evening was broadcast live on the Rai Radio Tutta Italiana Facebook page.

The festival was created to honour and enhance the art of a singer and musician of noteworthy talent, such as Andrea Parodi, who went from singer-songwriter with Tazenda to a highly valued solo career and re-elaboration of his roots, thanks to which he became an international reference in the World Music scene

On Friday and Saturday evenings auditors of the festival Crêuza de mä - Music for cinema, organised by the Backstage Association, in collaboration with the Experimental Center of Cinematography and Sardegna Film Commission attended.

The winners were determined by three different juries. The Technical Jury, which assigned the Contest Winner and the Special Mentions, was formed by Gianfranco Cabiddu (director and musician), Gigi Camedda (musician), Lia Careddu (actress), Gaetano d'Aponte (Partner / Premio Bianca D'Aponte), Gesuino Deiana (musician and talent agent), Andrea Del Favero (Partner / Folkest), Tiziana Tosca Donati (musician and actress), Giovanni Gianluca Floris (President of the Cagliari Conservatoire / musician), Pippo Rinaldi Kaballà (musician), Elena Ledda (artistic director, musician), Silvano Lobina (musician), Annamaria Loddo (talent agent), Gino Marielli (musician), Nicola Meloni (talent agent), Michele Palmas (S'ard Music Producer), Diego Pani (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada / musician), Simone Pittau (musician), Andrea Ruggeri (musician), Simonetta Soro (musician and actress), Stefano Starace (Partner / Mo'l'estate spirit festival), Jacopo Tomatis (Partner / Premio Città di Loano), Gisella Vacca (musician and actress), Dario Zigiotto (Partner / Negro Festival).
Critics Jury; Claudio Agostoni (Populare Network), Simone Cavagnino (Unica Radio), Flavia Corda (Rai3 Sardegna), Tore Cubeddu (Eja TV), Enrico De Angelis (journalist, talent agent), Ciro De Rosa (Songlines), Max De Tomassi (Rai Radio 1 Stereonotte), Daniela Deidda (Sardegna Eventi 24), Daniela Esposito (Music Press Office), Salvatore Esposito (Blogfoolk), Enzo Gentile (Il Mattino), Elisabetta Malantrucco (Rai Radio Techetè), Marco Mangiarotti (QN / Il Giorno), Maria Grazia Maxia (Federation of Authors), Luca Mirarchi (Unione Sarda), Claudia Mura (, Duccio Pasqua (Rai Radio 1, Un giorno da gambero / Centocittà), Andrea Musio (La Nuova Sardegna), Fausto Pellegrini (Rai News 24), Timisoara Pinto (Rai Radio 1, In Viva Voce), Walter Porcedda (Musica Jazz), Andrea Marco Ricci (NUOVOIMAIE), Claudio Scaccianoce (, Paolo Talanca (Il fatto quotidiano), Mario Tasca (Sardegna 1), John Vignola (Radio 1 Music Club).
International Jury; Sergio Albertoni (RSI, Switzerland), Thorsten Bednarz (Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio, Germany), Edyta Magdalena Łubińska (University of Warsaw, Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology), Piotr Pucylo (Globaltica Festival, Poland), Bastiaan Springer (Concertzender, Radio Netherlands, Holland).

Event Partners; Bflat, Il Vecchio Mulino di Sassari, European Jazz Expo, Premio Bianca d'Aponte, Negro Festival, Folkest, Premio Loano for Italian Traditional Music, Mare e Miniere, Mo'l'estate Spirit Festival, Barùmini Foundation, Labimus (Interdisciplinary Music Laboratory of the University of Cagliari, Department of Literature, Languages ​​and Cultural Heritage), Conservatoire "Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina" of Cagliari, Consorzio Cagliari Centro Storico, Boxofficesardegna, Peugeot Mario Seruis Automobili.

Media partners; Rai Radio Tutta Italiana, Radio Sardegna,, Radio Popolare, Unica Radio, Sardegna Uno, Television Ejatv,, Il giornale della musica. Blogfoolk, Folk Bulletin, Mundofonías (Spain), Petr Dorůžka (Czech Rep.), Concertzender Nederland (Holland).

The Premio Andrea Parodi was created by the homonymous Foundation thanks to: Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Founder), Department of Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Entertainment and Sports and Department of Tourism, Crafts and Trade; Fondazione di Sardegna; Municipality of Cagliari (patronage and contribution); NUOVOIMAIE; SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers; Federation of Authors.

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