What happens when you combine the singular sound of award winning soprano saxophonist & NASA artist Jane Ira Bloom with the technical artistry of legendary audio engineer Jim Anderson and tonmeister Ulrike Schwarz? The surround sound Grammy winning team has upped their game to showcase excerpts from their latest project which features Bloom's albums "Sixteen Sunsets" "Early Americans" & "Wild Lines" in ground breaking Dolby Atmos at the High End Audio Conference in Munich Germany May 9-12. The project "Above and Beyond" showcases Bloom's music the way you've never heard it before with the surround sound recording extended into full 360-degree space. The team will preview, perform, and discuss their work of combining the highest standards of artistic and technical collaboration, live and up close as guests of PMC Speakers and Dolby Atmos at the High End audio show.

In early 2019 Jim Anderson & Ulrike Schwarz went into both Skywalker Sound in Northern California to mix in 3D audio and the famous Capitol Studios in Los Angeles to mix Bloom's recordings in Dolby Atmos. The results are like no other recording you've ever heard before.

"We feel that Dolby Atmos and Jane Ira Bloom's music are a perfect match and when heard with PMC speakers the results are magical. The emotion and beauty of Jane Ira Bloom's performances gain a new dimention with Dolby Atmos' immersive sound and PMC."
-Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson, Anderson Audio New York

"I've always been interested in the way sound changes when it moves, whether in inner or outer space. This is technology that I've dreamt about but never heard before. How do you describe a sound that feels like it embraces your mind in 360?"
-Jane Ira Bloom

Revealing the resolution and detail of these brand new and priceless releases will be PMC's flagship model, the fact fenestria, complemented by an array of its Wafer on-wall speakers for the surround and height channels and a selection of its professional subwoofers, mimicking the system at Capitol Studios. Plus, PMC will be presenting selected tracks from trumpeter Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" album.

Jane Ira Bloom's immersive music will premiere in room F123 at High End Munich 2019, May 9-12.

Sixteen Sunsets

2014 Grammy nominee for Best Surround Sound Album

This album sets new standards for the hi-res surround recording of jazz - absolutely mesmerizing.
- John Henry, Audiophile Audition

Early Americans

2018 Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album

Wild Lines

4 1/2 stars ****1/2 Bloom's soaring, lyrical soprano saxophone is a case study in how to make musical statements that are both technically stunning and melodically rich.
- All About Jazz

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