Anticipatience The 2nd Album From Lessons From The Dreamtime

A quick read through the musicians supporting the sophomore album by Lessons From The Dreamtime, and you can see why these songs captivate the listener from the first note to the last. Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon), Alex Acuna (U2, Ella Fitzgerald) and Brahim Fribgane (Peter Gabriel, Rufus Cappadocia) are just a few of the musicians that Jesse Maddox collaborated with to masterfully sculpt neo-classical, world percussion, and electronics into the best combination of Dead Can Dance meets Max Richter with a dash of Peter Gabriel's album Passion.

With Anticipatience, Jesse, arranged the best performances from the curated guests into his compositions. The experimental album features songs that have wind as a percussion instrument, and songs that conjure the essence of a desert with oud, overtone singing and bones. Discerning piano and cello arrangements capture the stillness of meditation and dissolve into the chaos of modern life. All of the compositions flow seamlessly into each other, without end, weaving a story as universal as life itself. The beginning of one song is the end of another, giving the album an urgency that keeps you engaged until the finale.

Jesse Maddox describes Anticipatience as if the songs came down from the heavens as they appear on the album. "As a composer, it was the first time I have heard a work in its entirety, including the instrumentation, track order, sound and textures." Jesse describes himself as having always been a discovery artist, endlessly improvising with multiple instruments to find song ideas to develop. Throughout his career Jesse says " it was always the idea that was a challenge" but with this collection of songs he says " was a painstaking process of trying to accurately recreate them as they were presented to me. It became clear I had to discard the laziness of quantization, perform live, and confront all of my musical and personal inadequacies head-on, opening myself up and becoming vulnerable through that process. In hindsight, I think it was that intense vulnerability that led to the amazing collaborations, with musicians who have been major influences on me for years. I know it sounds a bit out there, but to describe something as otherworldly, as this experience was, there is no way around it."

Anticipatience comes out April 19th on all streaming platforms. The album is a full 90+ minutes of rich musical compositions, with each song flowing into the next. World without end. The listener can be transported and experience the album as a single 90 minute song, the way Jesse has intended it to be heard, or you can rip out the individual tracks and digest them at your leisure thanks to your favorite streaming service.

Dave Mckean and several other amazing artists have contributed artwork that will be exclusive in a 24 page book that is included in a double CD set for our Anticipatience release. The double cd with the art book will be available at for pre-order.

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