Jazz & Blues Florida May Issue Posted - Covering Jazz & Blues in Clubs, Concerts & Festivals

Jazz & Blues Florida May 2018
STILL Defining FLORIDA Blues!

Another great month of LIVE jazz and blues in Florida starts today, and
this is the source for finding out what is happening, where, when, and who we are paying attention to.

Covering the best in club, concert and festival performances across the state, and beyond, with preview articles on the artist and events. If you are heading out for a good time with great music, this is the place to start making your plans.

Check out our listings at our main site - - (where you can also download the magazine in pdf) and follow the daily updates with us on social media and in our news blog. We don't cover everything, but everything is too much, so look for the best here.

Have a good month, and for those that are connected on FACEBOOK, share some pics of your summer music travels with us and let us know where you are finding the good stuff, and WHO you are finding there!

All the best!

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