The Music of Lead Belly & more - William and Helen Richards Theatre at Orange Hall, SUNY Orange 8pm on Friday, March 2, 2018

Huddie William Ledbetter became the iconic figure, Lead Belly, in the music world during the first half of the 20th century. Although he played piano, mandolin, harmonica, violin, and diatonic accordion known as a windjammer, he was best known for his virtuosity on the twelve-string guitar.According to Dan McClenaghan of allthat, "Lead Belly was one of the more polished of the delta blues artists, relatively speaking."

Come to the William and Helen Richards Theatre at Orange Hall, SUNY Orange, at 8pm on Friday, March 2, 2018 for
The Music of Lead Belly & more
played by drummer Adam Nussbaum, saxophonist Ohad Talmor, and the electric guitar tandem of Steve Cardenas and Nate Radley.

"An inspirational artist, " continues McClenaghan, "Lead Belly has found its way into jazz explorations often." The music of Lead Belly was one of Adam Nussbaum's parents' favorites. Consequently, he grew up listening to the music as they often played Lead Belly records. Nussbaum has carried the love of this music throughout his music career, and now finally decided to create the Lead Belly Project so that he can "use this music as a springboard to play…. It is simple and clear." Nussbaum is considered to be one of the finest jazz drummers. So, as jazz pianist/composer and SUNY Orange music professor Chris Parker states, "Adam Nussbaum is interpreting old Lead Belly tunes which inspired him as a child, through a jazz lens." And, Nussbaum describes his three cohorts in the Project as "very gifted, forward thinking musicians with a firm grasp of the tradition who know how to listen, react and respond."

So come for a memorable evening of "Good Night Irene, " "Bring Me A Little Water, Sylvie, " "Black Betty, " "Grey Goose, " and "Green Corn" to name a few.

Orange Hall is located at the corner of Wawayanda and Grandview Avenues (GPS: 24 Grandview Avenue), Middletown, NY.

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